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Connect with God

With praise, preaching, and prayer, we constantly strengthen our relationship with God. We invite you to get in touch and stay in touch with the Lord.

Connect with Each Other

God's design is for us to be a spiritual community, with bonds of friendship that only grow stronger over time. Come find the friends you need, and be a friend for someone who needs you.

Connect in Small Groups

Our Care Groups give us the opportunity to get to know each other better and deepen our friendships. Our small groups will help you to connect on a more personal level. Make friends. Deepen relationships.

Connect as Families

Spouses learn how to improve their marriages, parents gain insight about raising kids, and children learn how to respect each other, their parents, and other adults. Singles build healthy relationships with each other and interact with the rest of the church family. Many people find that their connection at Buckingham Road makes all the difference in how their family not only survives, but thrives. Is that what you want for your family?

Connect with Scripture

From infants through adults, we are all plugged in to Bible classes. The young children study through the Bible every four years. Teens have youth group activities that include dynamic Bible studies and devotionals. Adults participate in a variety of classes. All of us grow in our understanding and find encouragement to "walk the walk." If you plug in, you will learn and grow, too.